What is a Cocao ceremony?


What better way to relax with friends or strangers and enjoy the incredible health benefits of chocolate. 

Cacao ceremonies are cropping all over the globe; they offer a chance to spend time with like minded chocolate lovers and participate in drinking some of the finest cocoa elixirs in the world.

Fear not it’s not all banging drums and chanting around feathers and twigs. Chocolate has been used as a form of medicine for thousands of years and its many health benefits have been proven in the last few years. 

Cacao ceremonies are a sophisticated affair.

The Mayans and Aztecs used Chocolate for Spiritual and Ceremonial purposes. In its purest form, it is a powerful assistant to our mind and bodies.

What does a Cacao ceremony involve?

Ceremonies will vary in their approach. 

Most will honour the cacao with meditation and inner reflection, sitting in a sacred circle, honoring the cacao spirit with a shamanic prayer, and humbly asking for intentions to be heard. The cacao will be taken in liquid form, and everyone will drink together.

Some ceremonies delve deeper and take time for healing or meditation. Offering the chance to share with each other. Some ceremonies will end up with a dance, where it is believed the cacao activates within the body and the heart, allowing a truly transformative and ecstatic process to unfold.

My own personal ceremony simply involved me finding a quiet space and a comfy cushion. I melted 100% dark chocolate cacao with water and lightly sweetened with coconut blossom sugar. I slowly sipped my delicious elixir, taking my time and appreciating the taste and flavour.

I felt relaxed and comforted! It was fun.

Cacao Elixir 

Can you believe there are even cacao shamans who will source top quality cacao for you?

It is important to use the highest grade cacao possible in ceremonies, grown in the purest conditions and harvested and prepared with love. The darker the chocolate the more antioxidants you will benefit from.

A ceremonial dose is around 20g – 40g of cacao, melted and mixed with water into a drink.

Traditionally cacao was served with chilli and honey, but it will often be mixed with nutmeg, cinnamon, and other delicious spices too.

Celebrate with Cacao

Cacao ceremonies are a fun way to spend time enjoying the many mind and body benefits of dark chocolate. 

Why not organise your own cacao ceremony? Grab a few cushions, some good quality cacao powder or dark chocolate and spend time relaxing with friends.

Sounds like a good excuse to drink some delicious chocolate to me!