Why your perfect sleep routine needs this!


SLEEP! I forever hear people saying they never get or feel like they have had enough sleep.

As someone who has insomnia, sleep is always on my mind. Although I rarely sleep in the day, I often feel like I could. On the odd occasion, a big comfy sofa in the local coffee shop has looked appealing.

There are so many sleep routines, which will help you on your merry way, however, for me, there is a secret ingredient, which at least helps me fall into slumber…..for a couple of hours a least.

A very boring BOOK.


For me, there is no point picking up a book with a gripping storyline when I am about to fall into slumber. I somehow find I am still awake at 2 pm keeping my eyes open with matchsticks eager to finish the next chapter…..and the next…and the next.

The book has to be BORING. It can be fact, fiction, murder, romance or whatever tickles your fancy, but it ultimately cannot leave you feeling wanting to read more.

Tired Eyes

The action of reading the words will eventually make your eyes tired and as you have not been captivated by the storyline, your brain will also be ready for sleep.

Your eye movements across the page lead your eyes wanting to close. As soon as your eyes close, your brain kicks into sleep mode too.

Sounds strange, I know but it really does work.

Brain Inactivity

Our brains are hard wired throughout the day. Work, family, social media, exercise, and caffeine, all conspire to keep us WIRED.

When you read a boring book, there is no danger of that. Turning off screens and picking up a book is the modern day version of counting sheep.

Let your eyes read over the world, let your brain fall into relaxation mode and await your happy slumber.