JD Wetherspoons Hotels – Cheap & Boutique?!

The Foley Arms, Great Malvern

I love to dig out a hotel bargain, for me the buzz of finding a great price is part of the fun. I have also learned the hard way, you usually get what you pay for with accommodation, but on the odd occasion you find a real gem.

Wetherspoons hotels are my recent gem! Follow this link to find out all about Wetherspoons and their history.

For many people Wetherspoons pubs seem to have a bad reputation, cheap food, cheap beer and both are true, but neither mean that quality has been necessarily been effected. In Wetherspoons you know exactly what you are getting and they do not hide who they are.

We do believe supporting independent pubs & B&B’s are important but not everyone can afford to pay the higher prices, its refreshing to think you can enjoy a drink or some food and a fabulous room at a very competitive price, especially for people/families on a budget.

The Pubs – Most Wetherspoons pubs are housed in the most amazing old historical buildings – from The Ledger Building, London a huge former docks building to The Rodboro Buildings, Guildford a former shoe and Boot Co dating back to 1920. Each pub paying homage to the history in some way, not only are the buildings restored back to former glory, the story is still being told.

The Food – Wetherspoons food menu’s are extensive and cover dietary requirements offering low calorie and Gluten free food. Food prices are cheap and often include a drink, although Wetherspoons buying power means they still source good quality products and like to shout about their food provenance. Food is not prettily displayed or michelin style, but for the most part its consistent so you know what you are getting wherever you go. I am a very fussy health conscious eater, although I would not choose to eat in Wetherspoons, I have always been able to order a healthy combination of food, not necessarily available on their menu.

Grilled chicken breast & Vegetables

The Beers – Wetherspoons offer the most extensive list of ales and beers at really competitive prices, I am not advocating binge drinking or alcohol in general, but if like me you like the odd American or British ale and do not want to pay crazy prices, Wetherspoons really is a winner! Their beer festivals are also fabulous, usually offering over 40+ ales.


The Hotels – Why the title Cheap & Boutique?! Wetherspoons have expanded into hotels and they are amazing! I reluctantly went to stay at The Foley Arms, Great Malvern, I say reluctantly as although I like their pubs I assumed their rooms would be cheap, basic and old like many pub rooms I have stayed in before.

We booked a Sunday evening and paid £40 room only, which for the UK is cheap. Throughout the week room prices can vary from £40 – £70 depending on time of year.

The Foley Arms hotel room was amazing! It was like a boutique hotel, lovely furnishings, comfy large beds, coffee & tea, water and extremely clean. We were relieved and very happy, we skipped downstairs for a few ales, before happily heading back to our room. This particular hotel is in the best location in Malvern, we strolled to the top of the Great Malvern hills in the morning, highly recommended. We stupidly forgot to take pictures of the room, but its a good reason to head back another day!

Me & the view from Malvern Hills

Since The Foley Arms we have stayed in two other Wetherspoons hotels and each have been just as amazing, the recent hotel The Queens Head, Tavistock was fantastic. Huge boutique style rooms, lovely pub/bar and great staff.

If you are traveling in or to the UK do not discard Wetherspoons hotels, we will definitely be looking to try more – They currently have 40 in the UK and 7 in Ireland and on Sunday nights you can usually stay for as little as £40, now that is cheap & Boutique!

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