Coconut Oil – The exotic superfood I have let in!

Go nuts for Coconut

I LOVE coconut oil, OK so I know its been around for a while now, but its always good to be reminded just how FABULOUS something is for us! Right?! 

Coming out of the other side of an eating disorder has made me look at oils in a totally different way, accepting fats (healthy or not) of any kind has been a challenge – so coconut oil has a place in my heart as it’s the first oil I let back into my life after years of restriction! 

Imagine discovering new foods each and every day – well that’s what it feels like for me. (In a good and bad way)

Choosing to live a healthy and holistic lifestyle has never been easier. We have all seen the energetic rise in superfoods; from super berries, raw cocoa powder to matcha tea.

Many health conscious consumers spend time seeking out the next health food, eager to see if it has the power to complement our growing healthy lifestyles.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE olive oil, but a new range of healthy oils have recently been in the spotlight, with their endless benefits and versatility what’s not to love?

All hail the healthy oil revolution!

Most healthy oils share similar benefits for optimizing health, but each come into their own when used in different ways.

Some healthy oils simply offer distinctive flavours making them ideal to use as salad dressings or sautéing food; Walnut, hemp and almond oils to name a few. (Walnut oil is AWESOME and tastes amazing too)

Naturally, some are better for cooking than others. Selecting an oil that can hold a high cooking heat, often known as ‘smoking point’ is the key to cooking. Olive, avocado, and organic virgin coconut oil can all be used for cooking as they can be heated without causing smoke in your kitchen or in your food!

Olive, avocado, and organic virgin coconut oil can all be used for cooking as they can be heated without causing smoke in your kitchen or in your food!

You may choose to embrace a few varieties into your kitchen cupboards as each give a different usage and flavour.

coconuts exotic
Deliciously lovely coconut oil

Fat just got fabulous!

When it comes to cooking organic virgin coconut oil is the winning choice, with over 90% of it’s fat being saturated it is naturally resistant to high heat. 

It’s packed full of powerful health benefits, naturally high in Lauric acid believed to lower cholesterol as well as being packed full of antibacterial qualities and due to its nutritious qualities it can boost metabolism. Impressive – HUH!

If you are not keen on coconut flavour, you can source odourless, still reaping all its health benefits without compromising on taste.

However, if the taste excites your taste buds it really can lift a basic recipe, delicious vegetables suddenly take on a smoother and richer flavour. I also use it in my chocolate bark recipe – the flavor of coconut in dark chocolate is amazing!

What’s the difference between non-organic and organic coconut oil? Hmmm – good question lovely people.

The organic variety simply means it has been extracted in one of two ways, via extraction from fresh undried coconut meat or extracted from pre-dried coconut meat.  Both of these natural processes are thought to offer a ‘less processed’ product.

Non-virgin Coconut oil is extracted from copra (the dried meat from the kernel) and follows a fairly lengthy treatment to sanitize, bleach and refine it to make it suitable for commercial use. 

Antioxidants are much higher in organic virgin varieties, increased antioxidants mean extra nourishment for our cells to absorb and benefit from.

The oil with 100 usages

Coconut oil is not just for your kitchen. With over 100 known uses, it does not just have to sit in your kitchen cupboard.

It can be used as a moisturizer for both hair and skin, soothes cuts and grazes and can be used to create your own natural deodorant. It’s also a natural antiseptic and is great for treating insect bites.

All of which, I will be trying out….

Coconut oil is a true superfood and a trusted diverse health companion.

New kids on the block?!

coconut oil
Eat green stay lean!

There is a new kid on the block!

Avocado oil also holds a high cooking heat and can be used liberally to compliment salads or simply drizzled over bread as a quick healthy snack.

This tasty alternative is a friendly carrier for other flavours, its subtle taste make it a great partner for a range of food.

A great source of Vitamin E, an avid promoter of healthy skin and hair and natural appetite suppressant, avocado oil should also hold a place in your healthy oil cupboard. 

Whichever oil you choose to use in your cooking, finding a healthier option is now as easy as ever! Why not add a little piece of exotic to your cooking and give coconut oil a go? 

Do you have a quirky way in which you use coconut oil, let me know as I would love to try it out!? 

Need a hand opening a whole coconut – check this out! Now where’s that screwdriver!!

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