5 reasons why listening to music can boost your mood


In our crazy busy lives, we could all do with a bit of a mood boost from time to time and more people turning to music for solace and comfort, but how does music boost our mood?

Number 1. Chemical Reaction


It is believed when we listen to music our brains release a feel good chemical known as ‘dopamine’. 

Dopamine is a motivational chemical and courses through our veins and enhances our mood, it is the very same chemical released during sex, eating dark chocolate and even when we are participating in addictive behaviours.

It makes us feel good and is highly addictive.

Number 2. Emotional Connection


Music bangs on the door of our emotions. Listening to music can make you cry, laugh, and feel anger.

Even whilst doing the most mundane of tasks music can suddenly take you back to a happy or sad memory. Have you noticed how your foot starts tapping without even realising?

Number 3. Escapism


Put your headphones on and you can be taken to a place where only you and the beat of the song exist.

You could be sat on a bus packed full of people or in a crowd of thousands, but music gives you the chance to escape.

Personal space and time with our thoughts are healthy for our minds. Healthy mind means happy mind.

Number 4. It’s Social


Spending time with others and sharing in a common interest adds to our overall happiness and wellbeing.

Dancing, laughing and experiencing our love for music together leaves us with a warm feeling and a positive outlook.

Number 5. Dancing


Dancing or any kind of body movement to music has been proven to trigger positive emotions.

Remember the feeling of dancing around the kitchen when no one is around? The freedom, the excitement, the chance to let go. 

Sit and watch people dancing, you will notice smiling, laughter and physical expressions of their personality. You can dance on your own or with others, it does not matter.

Dancing is personal and unique, so to get you started, the following are the most uplifting tracks proven to boost your mood.

Get listening and dance like no one is watching.